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Enrollment In SkyBonus

What is SkyBonus?

SkyBonus is Delta´s complimentary business travel rewards program for small to medium companies. SkyBonus turns your business travel budget into rewards by converting the dollars your company spends for travel on Delta, Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Alitalia, or any of our codeshare partners into SkyBonus points. SkyBonus rewards your company points for every dollar spent on business travel by verifiable employees and for all published fares.

Who qualifies for the SkyBonus program?

Companies eligible for SkyBonus include small to mid-sized companies located in countries where the program is offered. Companies that have negotiated discount fare agreements, travel agencies, wholesalers, consolidators and other sellers of travel are not eligible to participate in this program.

Companies are required to spend a minimum of $5,000 USD in eligible flight revenue and have a minimum of five unique employee travelers each calendar year to remain active in the program and keep available points..

How do I enroll my company in SkyBonus?

You or your travel agency may enroll your company by completing the online application at To be eligible, you must accept the terms and conditions of the program. If your company qualifies, you and your preferred travel agent will receive an email confirmation within two business days. Your company will be assigned a unique SkyBonus account number to be used to track your company’s business travel on Delta® and Delta Connection® flights.

What information do I need to enroll my company in SkyBonus?
  • Your company's legal name and address
  • Your company’s Federal Tax ID or VAT number
  • Name, phone number and email address for a primary administrator who will be responsible for maintaining the program on behalf of your company
  • The ARC/IATA number, email address and contact information of your preferred travel agency (if applicable)
What is the difference between the SkyBonus program and the SkyMiles® Program?

SkyBonus is Delta´s global travel rewards program where companies earn points for eligible Delta and Delta Connection® flights, which they may redeem for travel rewards. SkyMiles is Delta´s frequent flyer program where individual travelers earn miles for flying on Delta or Delta Connection flights and for using SkyMiles partners´ products and services. SkyBonus participants are not required to be SkyMiles members; however, when traveling for company business, employees who are SkyMiles members accrue miles while their company earns SkyBonus points. To get credit in both programs, be sure the employee´s SkyMiles number and the company´s SkyBonus account number are added to the reservation at the time of ticketing.

Maintaining Your SkyBonus Account

What is the role of the Program Administrators?

The Program Administrators are responsible for managing the company’s SkyBonus account, including:

  • Updating the company profile information
  • Providing the SkyBonus account number to the company’s preferred travel agency
  • Communicating the SkyBonus account number and program information to business travelers
  • Monitoring the company’s SkyBonus account activity
  • Redeeming rewards on behalf of the company
How do we change the Program Administrator for our account?

The current program administrator may assign a new program administrator at any time by updating the company profile information. Additionally, he/she may also appoint a Secondary Program Administrator to help manage the account. If the current program administrator is no longer with the company, a written request from the corporation is required. This statement should be on company letterhead and must include an authorized signature. Please include the name, phone number and email address of the new program administrator. Fax this statement to 404-773-2100, or scan and email this statement to Upon receipt, your company profile will be updated and the details will be sent in an email to the new program administrator.

Can our travel agency update our SkyBonus account?

Your travel agency can update the information listed on your company profile. In addition, your agent can register your company for promotions. If you grant authorization, your travel agent can also view your account statement and order awards on your behalf.

Tracking SkyBonus Revenue

What travel qualifies for earning SkyBonus points?

Your company earns SkyBonus points for all eligible worldwide flights taken by employees for business purpose:

  • Tickets are issued with a DL, AF, KL, or AZ flight number. Tickets for flights marketed by AF, KL or AZ must be issued in and originate in North America.
  • Tickets are validated on DL 006, AF 057, KL 074 or AZ 055 ticket stock. Tickets issued on DL 006 outside of North America must be flights marketed and operated by Delta.

Accounts based in North America are those with the following SkyBonus ID format: US*, CA*, MX*, ERxxx, ESxxx, EQxxx, SMExxxxx.

Do SkyBonus points expire?

Your SkyBonus points expire on December 31st, three years after the year of issuance.

How do tickets track automatically in our account?

Your company´s account number must be placed on your tickets at the time of purchase by your travel agency, at or at Delta ticketing locations such as Reservations, City Ticket Office and Airport Ticket Counter. When purchasing tickets at, travelers must enter their company´s SkyBonus account number on the "Passenger Information" screen. Additionally, employees can add their company´s SkyBonus account number to their SkyMiles profile at any time. Once added, their company´s SkyBonus number will automatically be added to their tickets when reservations are booked online at

Can a ticket be submitted for retroactive credit?

If your SkyBonus number was not entered on a ticket at the time of issuance, you can enter the ticket number on the Add Ticket page in your account for retroactive credit. Retroactive credit is allowed for qualifying flights purchased and flown after your enrollment date. In addition, only eligible travel purchased and flown within the last 12 months of your membership is considered for credit. Tickets are processed and will appear on your statement within 6-8 weeks after travel.

How long does it take for points to be credited to our account?

SkyBonus points are calculated daily. Tickets are processed and will appear on your statement within 6-8 weeks after travel. However, it may take up to 10-12 weeks after travel for certain codeshare-operated flights to be credited.

How are changes to itineraries handled?

Changes or cancellations to an itinerary are handled at, your preferred travel agency or Delta Reservations.

Can my company earn credit on upgrades?

Your company can earn SkyBonus points on eligible purchased upgrades. For upgrades purchased prior to the 24-hour check-in window through Delta's post purchase upgrade options, your company will earn credit for the value of the upgrade and the original ticket will be updated to the new earning level (if applicable) after travel is complete.

SkyBonus Reward Redemptions

Who can view our company´s SkyBonus account balance?

Your company´s program administrators can view your company’s SkyBonus statement and account balance at any time. If you have granted your preferred travel agency permission to redeem rewards on your company´s behalf, the agency can also view your company´s SkyBonus statement and account balance.

How are SkyBonus rewards redeemed?

The program administrators, or preferred travel agency, can redeem rewards for customers, employees, business associates or anyone the company chooses.

What is the processing time for SkyBonus reward redemption?

Please allow up to 4 hours processing time to receive Reward Tickets and Upgrades. SkyMiles accounts for the recipients of Silver Medallion® status and Delta Sky Club membership Rewards are updated to indicate their new status; if available, personalized credentials will be mailed to the address listed in the member’s SkyMiles account within four to six weeks. Beverage/Headset Coupons and Delta Sky Club® Single Visit Passes will be delivered within five (5) business days of redemption for SkyBonus accounts based in the United States. Beverage/Headset Coupons and Delta Sky Club Single Visit Passes will be delivered within ten (10) business days for SkyBonus accounts not based in the United States. Delivery time for orders outside of the United States do not account for additional processing time that may be required by customs.

How are SkyBonus award travel reservations confirmed?

SkyBonus reward ticket certificates may be booked on or through SkyBonus Reservations at 877-832-5211. SkyBonus upgrade reward certificates may be booked by a travel agency or SkyBonus Reservations at 877-832-5211. See reward terms and conditions for specific instructions.

Are changes to Award Travel reservations allowed?

Prior to ticketing, award travel reservations may be changed at any time. Once ticketed, date/flight changes are allowed, if available, upon payment of the applicable administrative service charge when the ticket is reissued.


SkyBonus Elite

What is SkyBonus Elite?

SkyBonus Elite is a new tier in the SkyBonus rewards program that offers additional savings, options and rewards to our most loyal companies.

What is the difference between the SkyBonus program and SkyBonus Elite?

SkyBonus Elite is a higher tier within the SkyBonus program. SkyBonus Elite companies earn additional rewards and enjoy greater flexibility in addition to all the benefits offered in the SkyBonus program.

SkyBonus Information

Who can we contact if we have additional questions about SkyBonus?

Answers to most questions about the SkyBonus program can be found in the information listed on the SkyBonus website. General program questions, account inquires, or customer service issues can be submitted through the Contact Us form or by calling the SkyBonus Service Center at 877-832-5211.


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