General Conditions
  1. Participation in the SkyBonus program (the “Program”) is limited to small and mid-size companies (“Company”) who spend a minimum of $5,000 USD in “eligible flight revenue” (as defined below) each calendar year. Delta reserves the right to determine the eligibility of the Company for the Program. The Program constitutes merely an invitation to Companies that meet the qualifications set forth in the following paragraphs and to make offers for the acquisition of tickets or other Program Rewards based on the Terms and Conditions stated herein and does not constitute a public offer. Delta reserves the exclusive right to accept or reject any offers made in response to the Program. The following companies are not eligible to participate: corporations with a Preferred Carrier Agreement with Delta Air Lines, travel agencies, wholesalers, consolidators and other sellers of travel are not eligible to participate in the Program. In addition, employees of Delta Air Lines and its subsidiaries are not eligible to participate, whether as owners or employee travelers.
  2. Participation in the Program is conditioned upon Company’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and any Rewards granted under the Program will be governed by the rules and policies described on the SkyBonus website. Any additional Program rules, policies and procedures established by Delta may change with respect to the Program (collectively, the “Program Rules”). Delta reserves the right to change any aspect of the Program including Program Rules at any time with or without notice. This right includes, but is not limited to, changes in rules for earning SkyBonus points and point redemption values. In addition, Program Rules, cities served, flight schedules, limited seating or space availability, restricted travel dates and specific features of promotional offers are subject to change with or without notice at the discretion of Delta. Delta reserves the right to discontinue the Program with 90 days’ notice to its members. Should the Program be terminated, the Company’s right to earn points and redeem Rewards will be terminated 90 days after notice is given.
  3. Delta reserves the right to verify the eligibility of any Company participating in the Program or the eligibility of any ticket for which Program credit is sought, which may include, but not necessarily be limited to, requiring sufficient proof of employment for passengers listed on tickets for which Program credit is sought. Only employees of a Company are eligible to earn points under the Company’s SkyBonus account. Family travel, travel of a personal nature or leisure travel do not qualify for earning SkyBonus points in the Program.
  4. SkyBonus account information, activity, and communications are the confidential information of
    Delta Air Lines and may not be disclosed publicly or to any third party unless authorized in writing by a Delta corporate officer.
  5. By registering for SkyBonus you agree to receive all communications from SkyBonus. To set communications preferences please log into your account at  Go to Manage My Account and select Contact Information.  
  6. By creating a SkyBonus account you agree to share trip information with Delta’s Travel Management Hub in accordance with Delta's Privacy Policy.
  1. To be considered for program participation, the Company (or Travel Agency (on behalf of the Company) must complete a SkyBonus enrollment form, by visiting Note: Travel agents are not allowed to register themselves as the Primary Administrator for a Company; however, they may register as the Company’s Secondary Administrator. Travel agents and other sellers of travel are not allowed to participate in the program, per the terms and conditions of SkyBonus (see General Conditions, Section 1). We reserve the right to audit, de-enroll and recover any lost revenue from accounts being used by travel agencies, consolidators, wholesalers, other sellers of travel, and employees of Delta Air Lines and its subsidiaries. Companies in the U.S., Canada and Mexico are required to provide a valid tax identification number or VAT number in order to complete enrollment in the Program. We reserve the right to validate the tax identification or VAT number of enrolled Companies, suspend and request corrected information from Companies based in the U.S. with invalid tax identification numbers. There is no fee to enroll in the Program. Companies that have an existing Preferred Carrier Agreement with Delta Air Lines are not eligible to participate in the Program. If such a Company enrolls in the Program, any travel tracked through SkyBonus will not count toward the existing Preferred Carrier Agreement, including but not limited to revenue goals. Similarly, any trips booked under the conditions of a Preferred Carrier Agreement are not eligible for Program Rewards.
  2. Each Company must designate one employee (“the Program Administrator”) who will administer the SkyBonus account as the Company´s representative. A travel agent may be listed as the Primary Contact for the Company as long as an employee of the Company is the Secondary Contact. The Company hereby authorizes Delta and SkyBonus to correspond with your Primary and Secondary Contacts regarding your SkyBonus account and any flight reservations. Accounts created by travel agents may be required to provide written proof of authorization from Company to enroll the Company in the Program. The Program Administrator is responsible for ensuring participating employees adhere to the Program Rules. In addition, the Program Administrator is responsible for advising Delta of any changes to the Company´s information by updating the Company profile on the SkyBonus website. Delta will not be responsible for lost, destroyed or misdirected mail or other communications, or any consequences thereof.
  3. Once the Company completes the enrollment process, the Company will be assigned a unique SkyBonus ID via email within 24 hours of enrollment. If provided, the Company´s designated Travel Agency will also receive notification of the SkyBonus ID. The Program Administrator is responsible for notifying participating employees of the Company´s SkyBonus ID. It is the traveler´s responsibility to communicate their SkyBonus ID to their Travel Agent or to Delta reservations at the time of booking in order to earn SkyBonus points.
Earning Program Rewards
  1. Only eligible tickets and flight coupons purchased and flown after the date of enrollment will qualify to earn SkyBonus points. Eligible tickets are those issued for Company business travel by employees of the Company. Retroactive credit is allowed for a one (1) year period for qualifying flights purchased and flown after the Company’s enrollment date. In order to earn SkyBonus points, the Company's Travel Agency or Delta Reservations must put the Company's SkyBonus ID in the Tour Code field of the ticket. Travelers purchasing tickets at must enter the Company's SkyBonus ID in the SkyBonus ID field on the Passenger Information screen to ensure proper credit is earned. SkyMiles® members can add the Company's SkyBonus ID to their SkyMiles profile so it will automatically be added to tickets booked on
  2. Eligible tickets, as define above, upgraded on or after August 1st, 2017 through Delta's post purchase paid upgrade options are eligible at the upgraded level for the applicable flight segments. The value of the purchased upgrade will credit to the account under the ticket number issued as the receipt for the transaction after travel is complete. If applicable, the original ticket will be updated to the new earning level after travel is complete.  The original ticket must be eligible to earn credit in order for the post purchase paid upgrade to earn credit. See Terms and Conditions for types of tickets that are not eligible.  Delta's post purchase paid upgrade options are available outside of the 24-hour check-in window on wholly unused tickets, based on availability. Types of upgrades that are not eligible for SkyBonus accrual include but are not limited to: Complimentary Medallion Upgrades, e-First, e-Comfort+, upgrades purchased within 24 hours prior to departure, Mileage Upgrades, SkyMiles Global Upgrades, and SkyMiles Regional Upgrades.
  3. Points expire on December 31st, three years after the year of issue. Points earned and redeemed by the Company are separate from and in addition to miles earned by the individual traveler through the SkyMiles Program.
  4. Delta reserves the right to verify the eligibility of any ticket for which Program credit is sought, which may include, but is not necessarily limited to, requiring sufficient proof of employment for passengers listed on tickets for which Program credit is sought or evidence that travel was for a business purpose.
  5. The Company´s eligible flight revenue will be tracked by Delta and based on flown tickets. Eligible flight revenue is calculated using base fare (including any carrier imposed surcharges but net of all government imposed taxes and fees), prorated per flight segment, and rounded down to the nearest whole number. Tickets purchased outside of the United States will be converted to US dollars to calculate eligible flight revenue.
  6. All Delta Air Lines tickets must be purchased at an authorized Delta ticketing location in the account’s country of enrollment and be validated on Delta (ticket number begins with "006"). All travel must be under a Delta Air Lines (DL) or code share flight number operated by DL.
  7. Points are posted to the Company’s account daily. Delta reserves the right to change the posting frequency without advance notice. Delay between actual flight and account adjustment can be up to 8 weeks. The Program Administrator will be able to access updated account balances via
  8. Exclusions: E-Certificates, Companion Fares, Complimentary Travel/Upgrade Certificates, Senior/Youth Fares, Consolidator Fares, tickets issued by Delta Vacations, tickets purchased under a Preferred Carrier Agreement, Delta Meeting Network Fares, Discover America Fares, Group Fares, Special Pricing, Military & Government Fares, any tickets for which any ticketing rules have been waived by Delta at the request of the corporation or the corporation's travel agency involving a waiver code, tickets issued by blind-bid purchase online travel providers, such as, and any other discounts or promotions are not eligible for earning SkyBonus points, unless otherwise specified. Any tickets issued with unpublished fares using an associated ticket designator may be excluded.
  9. In cases where the Company disputes the amount of trips generated, Delta reserves the right to require proof of travel, including ticket receipts and original boarding passes. The Company must inform Delta Air Lines, in writing, of any dispute of eligible trips within one year of the original travel date. Disputes should be sent to: Delta SkyBonus, 7500 Airline Drive - MS3-358, Minneapolis, MN 55450-1101 or disputes can be made by contacting the SkyBonus Service Center at 0079-8651-7538.

  10. Points may be earned through partner offers, according to the terms and conditions of each individual partner or promotion. Points awarded for partner activity are at the discretion of the partner and must be disputed directly with the partner, not Delta. Revenue spent with partner does not qualify as “eligible flight revenue”. Points earned through partner activity are subject to the same validity and expiration rules as points earned on flight activity.
Requesting Rewards
  1. Rewards are issued to the Company and sent to the designated Program Administrator and may be utilized by the Program Administrator or allocated to any person designated by the company.
  2. Rewards may be requested online through the SkyBonus website at Only the Company’s Program Administrator, Secondary Contact or an authorized travel agency is allowed access to request Rewards. The Company’s Program Administrator is responsible for Reward distribution. Delta is not responsible or accountable in any way for Rewards ordered by authorized travel agencies. Please allow up to 4 hours processing time to receive Reward Tickets and Upgrades. SkyMiles accounts for the recipients of Silver Medallion® status and Delta Sky Club membership Rewards are updated to indicate their new status within 48 hours.  All new and renewing members will receive a welcome email with information on where to find their digital credentials. Beverage/Headset Coupons and Delta Sky Club® Single Visit Passes will be delivered within five (5) business days of redemption for SkyBonus accounts based in the United States. Beverage/Headset Coupons and Delta Sky Club Single Visit Passes will be delivered within ten (10) business days for SkyBonus accounts not based in the United States. Delivery time for orders outside of the United States do not account for additional processing time that may be required by customs.
  3. Reward point values and menu options are subject to change at Delta Air Line´s discretion and without advance notice.
  4. Terms and conditions for use of Reward Tickets and Upgrade Rewards are specified on the electronic Reward certificates. These terms and conditions include, but are not limited to, validity dates, blackout dates, capacity controls or applicable fees and surcharges. Once a Reward Ticket has been issued, the passenger has one year from the date of issuance to book travel, unless otherwise stated. SkyBonus Reward travel is valid on Delta Air Lines. Reward tickets are round-trip and are redeemable on or through SkyBonus Reservations at 0079-8651-7538.  All Upgrade Rewards are one way and are only redeemable through SkyBonus Reservations at 0079-8651-7538 or your travel agent. Upgrades that are issued as a SkyBonus Reward may not be combined with SkyBonus or SkyMiles Award tickets. Delta may limit the seats available for upgrades to any and all destinations and may not allocate upgrade Reward seats on certain flights. Reward authorization numbers are considered redeemed once issued and cannot be redeposited. To review terms and conditions of Delta Sky Club membership, please visit
  5. Rewards may not be combined or used with any other Delta promotions or rewards, including but not limited to negotiated fares, group fares, meeting fares, SkyMiles Award Tickets, air travel certificate, discount coupon, mileage accrual or any fares covered under existing Delta Corporate Sales agreements or Delta Meeting Network agreements, premium offer or certain promotional fares. Reward travel using upgrade or free ticket certificates is not eligible for earning additional SkyBonus points.
  6. Lost, stolen, destroyed, expired or unused Reward certificates or tickets will not be replaced or credited to the Company´s account. The sale or barter of any SkyBonus Reward by the company receiving the Reward or its representative is prohibited. Flight Rewards, tickets or upgrades obtained through prohibited sale or barter transactions are void, invalid of travel, and will be confiscated. Persons trying to use such tickets will not be permitted to travel unless they purchase a ticket from Delta at the applicable fare.
  7. All tax liability associated with the receipt and use of SkyBonus is the responsibility of the Company.
Termination of Agreement
  1. Participating SkyBonus companies that do not have eligible flight revenue greater than $5,000 USD or the equivalent in other currencies per calendar year may be de-enrolled from the Program without notice. If the Company does not meet the minimum revenue requirement and is de-enrolled from the Program, the Program points accrued will be forfeited without prior notice.
  2. All Rewards and other benefits of the Program are offered at the discretion of Delta, and Delta has the right to terminate the Program, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice. Delta may among other things, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any Reward or Reward level; modify or amend these Terms and Conditions or the Program Rules or policies and procedures; change SkyBonus earning rules; modify or regulate the transferability of Rewards; make changes affecting partner affiliations or benefits; or limit the number of seats available to any or all destinations. Rewards may not be eligible for redemption or use to all destinations or on all flights. Delta reserves the right to establish additional means of earning SkyBonus points. Travel agencies, wholesalers, consolidators, and other sellers of travel are not eligible to participate in this Program. SkyBonus Rewards are void where prohibited by law. The Program and Program Rewards are subject to all government regulations. Reward Travel and Upgrade Rewards cannot be combined. SkyBonus Rewards do not constitute property of the Program Administrator or the Company. Delta will not be responsible for any taxes, duties or other obligations resulting from participation in the Program. Delta reserves the right to discontinue the Program with 90 day notice to its members. Should the Program be terminated, the Company’s right to earn SkyBonus points and redeem Rewards will be terminated 90 days after notice is given.
  3. Failure to follow Program Rules or Delta Air Lines’ contract of carriage and tariffs, abuse of Program privileges, or misrepresentation of any information provided to Delta by the Company or its employees may result in termination of the Company’s eligibility and participation in the Program and forfeiture of all Rewards or points earned. In addition, Delta may terminate any Company’s participation in SkyBonus and forfeit all Rewards or points earned effective immediately if Delta determines in its sole discretion that the Company is involved in or associated with any activity that could negatively affect the goodwill or reputation of Delta or that disparages or brings Delta into disrepute. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Georgia, United States of America, without giving effect to that jurisdiction’s principles of conflicts of laws. All disputes arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions, the Program Rules or the Program shall be resolved exclusively in the state or federal courts of competent jurisdiction located in Fulton County, State of Georgia, United States of America. As a condition of participating in the Program, the Program Administrator and the Company irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of such courts to the exclusion of all other courts or tribunals, wherever the same may be located. Delta may enforce its Program Rules at any time, and its election not to enforce any or all rules does not operate as a waiver of its right to do so at any time in the future.


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